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“The CFO asks the CEO, ‘What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?’
The CEO responds, ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?’”
~ Trish Bertuzzi ~
Start-Up Founders

Are you a Start-Up Founder eager to sharpen your focus, beat overwhelm & take decisive action? Or are you transitioning from a solo operator to visionary leader of a dynamic and expanding team?

I’ve always been passionate about innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and all things tech, so naturally, I gravitated towards wanting to use my coaching skills in the world of Start-Ups. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with numerous entrepreneurs and Founders, recruited for Start-Ups, and have a genuine interest in Start-Up and Founder narratives, in particular the people and mindset dynamics that shape their outcomes.

The path for Founders transitioning from a one-person show, or a small team, to leading a rapidly growing company is anything but easy. From juggling personalities to staying focused amidst shiny distractions, and from nurturing company culture to learning the art of delegation without burning out—these challenges can truly make or break a Start-Up. That’s where coaching, if done correctly, comes in as a game-changer and creates a safe space for Founders to find clarity, overcome obstacles, identify new solutions and keep their Start-Up moving forward successfully.

My coaching programmes can help you work through and progress with specific areas such as:
  • Getting clear on your company’s vision and goals and ensuring the team is onboard with you
  • Dealing with overwhelm, creating focus and taking actions that make an impact
  • Improving your leadership skills and building a strong and cohesive team
  • Promoting effective communication from the Founder(s)/Leadership Team downwards
  • Dealing with conflict and fostering a culture collaboration and teamwork
  • Communicating effectively with the team and shareholders
  • Confidence in pitching for funding and attracting investors
  • Dealing with the stress and pressure of running and working in a start-up
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and building confidence
How does coaching help Start-Ups succeed?

Research has found that along with a lack of market demand or insufficient funding, the next key reason why most Start-Ups fail is because of leadership, management and people/team issues. For example, issues such as ineffective leadership, lack of experience, or poor management practices, along with challenges with team morale, adaptability, conflict and burnout/demotivation.

By engaging in coaching, Start-Up Founders and Leaders can enhance their leadership skills, gain valuable insights, and develop effective management practices. Coaching can help in improving decision-making abilities and fostering adaptability in rapidly changing business environments. Moreover, coaching can address team-related challenges by focusing on team dynamics, morale, and motivation.

Working towards your business vision and goals when growing a Start-Up, can be a solitary endeavour, which can lead to distractions, a loss of motivation, or self-doubt. As well as coaching you, a coach acts as a confidante, sounding board, and accountability partner, all of which are vital components in assisting you in achieving success.

Through coaching, Founders can build cohesive and high-performing teams, improve communication and collaboration, and mitigate issues such as burnout and demotivation. By providing guidance and support, coaches can help Founders navigate the complexities of team management, enhance team morale, and create a positive work culture that fosters growth and success.

Don’t let your Start-Up fall behind the competition...

Invest in coaching and see the positive impact it can have on you, your team and your bottom line. Coaching sessions are available as one-on-one sessions and can be conducted both in-person or remotely, depending on where you are based. By leveraging my coaching services, you and your team can overcome various challenges and achieve growth personally and as a team, ultimately leading to greater success for your Start-Up.

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