About Me

“I really love being able to make a difference in the lives of women who are wanting to move forward with their career and business dreams, goals and aspirations!”

I have worked in recruitment, business development, digital marketing and project management, and carried out comprehensive coaching training covering a wide range of coaching frameworks and tools. After university I started a student and graduate recruitment start-up with friends, then went and worked for an international corporate recruitment company. Then while working at The Coaching Academy, one of the many projects I was involved in included setting up a new training academy for entrepreneurs which was a collaboration between the inspirational Bev James (www.BevJames.com) and one of the original ‘Dragons’ James Caan from the BBC’s hit Dragons’ Den. This gave me valuable experience of the world of start-ups and entrepreneurialism, and what it takes to be successful.

After having children, I set up as a freelance recruiter, recruiting for a range of well-known start-ups and entrepreneurial brands and as a Talent Acquisition Partner for a tech start-up that had recently received its series-C funding. Most recently, I have worked part-time back with The Coaching Academy & Bev James Talent Management, managing a range of projects, while adding to my coaching qualifications and setting up my coaching business. Along with a Marketing Communications degree, I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and a DISC Personality & Behavioural Profile Assessor – a tool that enables people to enhance their leadership and communication skills. I also love to share inspirational and useful content on Facebook for busy mums @TheMumCoach.

“When you follow your dreams, you encourage other people to follow theirs.”
~ Nafessa Williams ~

My Passion…

“Motherhood is not about forgetting or neglecting your own needs; rather, it’s a journey of aligning your aspirations
with your family’s – coaching can support you in achieving that harmony.” ~ TheMumCoach.com ~

I started Periscope Coaching because I’m passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and helping women achieve fulfilling and happy lives. I have spent over 20 years working predominantly in SME’s, Start-Ups and with Female Founders and I have always been drawn to anything business and entrepreneurial related. I wanted to run my own business early on, so combined with my passion for helping people excel and achieve their dreams, becoming a Business & Career Coach has turned out to be the perfect ‘fit’ for me.

My coaching approach blends ‘non-directive’ coaching as this is where I see the real breakthroughs happen, with other coaching methodologies, tools and techniques across the wider coaching spectrum. Due to my wide range of experience in the world of business and recruitment, I am also able to offer insights that help to spark my clients’ ideas and creativity. Whether you are seeking career or business breakthroughs, I am dedicated to guiding you towards realising your fullest potential!

Through a collaborative and empowering coaching relationship, we will work together to uncover your strengths, ignite your creativity, and cultivate the necessary skills and mindset for success.

Coaching helps you untangle situations, declutter your thoughts and overcome limiting beliefs, so you can gain the clarity needed to be able to see new options and opportunities that were not visible to you at the beginning…much like a periscope!

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